Cat Services

Cat Hotel

  • Cat Tower level located upstairs
  • Panoramic views through windows
  • Soothing music
  • Distilled water is standard
  • Disposable litter trays
  • Fresh litter twice per day
  • Separate air conditioning and heating system for cat tower
  • Exploring time
  • Custom catering: Ask us for your favorite cat options!
  • The Cat Hotel is an excellent choice for when you need kitty out of the house, apartment, condo overnight or daily.
  • The Cat hotel is exclusive for cats only – no dogs allowed!

Cat Daycare

  • Cat Daycare is great when you need your kitty away for the day!

Cat Grooming & Spa

  • Trained Cat Groomers
  • Cat de-shedding services
  • 1/2 day appointments available
  • Nail trims

... Many more options available upon request!

Frisky Feline Playtime

  • Energy release activities
  • Happy hugs
  • A variety of games and fantastic fun play activities
  • Extra one-on-one attention

... Ask us for your cats favorite games!

Mobile Grooming