Dog Services

Dog Hotel

  • All dogs are boarded by size for maximum comfort. Large dogs are housed in the cozy Pavilion; medium dogs relax in the Cottage; and small dogs are at home in the White House. We provide special accommodations for seniors and pets with special needs in the Annex.
  • Pet comfort is our #1 priority. The entire area is ramped so all dogs are in a safe environment and seniors can move around easily.
  • There are windows and skylights in every building.
  • All pets are exercised four times a day in outside, individual fenced yards with creek side views and beautiful trees.
  • Owners may bring their own food, medicine, etc.
  • Custom catering is available! …and so much more!

Dog Daycare & Play Programs

  • Custom catering is available!
  • Owners may bring anything pet friendly to help make their pets stay more comfortable!
  • We are here to cater to your pet. Our fully equipped kitchen allows us to prepare meals for your pet’s specific dietary needs.

Dog Grooming & Spa

  • All types of baths/clips are available.
  • We offer toenail trims, toenail smoothing, toenail painting, and toenail glitter.
  • Bubble spa packages are available.
  • We offer a variety of conditioning treatments and options.
  • Enjoy head to tail grooming for your pet.

… and so much more!

Dog Special Event Parties

Dog Massage Therapy

  • Two certified pet massage therapists
  • Aromatherapy available
  • Soothing spa music
  • Great for anxiety, muscle tension and relaxation

Dog Playground / Dog Runs & Nature Walks

  • Our “Tater Program” accommodates all types of play for your pet! For pets that need a more easy-going and stress-free experience, “Couch Potato Time” is available. Vigorous and energetic pets will be a part of the “Active Potato Time” class.

Dog Training School

  • Offered Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • In-house board and train
  • Obedience Training for Barking, Jumping and House Breaking
  • Use a variety of methods
  • Offer training advice and tips
  • Individual consultation for your pet relationship issues
  • Socialization classes available, including newbaby in household adjustment
  • Gentle and easy to understand training methods using positive reinforcement
  • Group Classes and Evaluation Sessions are available
  • Canine Good Citizen program with 3 evaluators is one of our premier programs

Dog Shuttle

  • We offer Day Shuttle Services on specific days  and to specific zip codes. One of our staff will be glad to discuss with you.

Mobile Grooming