Helpful Hints

A Tip from Babette

Owner of Exmoor Pet Care Services & Ultimate Pet Lover

When I was very young, my dog and I entered a costume contest. Our costume was “Buttons & Bows” and we won first place. From that moment, I knew working with pets is what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t forget to always treat your pet like a member of the family. The unconditional love from a pet is extraordinary, and returning that love is important. During their stay at Exmoor, your pet is a member of my family – and we will treat your pet lovingly and respectfully anytime they are visiting us.

A Tip from Tina

Manager of Training & Playtime at Exmoor Pet Care Services

Sit. Stay. Shake. We teach our pet’s commands and tricks for obedience and pleasure. But did you know that more than just the usual “sit”, “roll-over” and “fetch”, your dog can learn many other words in their lifetime? Through training, dogs can learn a great deal of words and hand signals, increasing their awareness, changing their attitude and increasing better behavior. Want to teach an old dog a few new tricks? Give Exmoor a call, we can help with that.

A Tip from Vicki

Manager of Operations & Grooming at Exmoor Pet Care Services

Grooming your pet is so important! Air pollution doesn’t only affect humans; it reaches your pet, too. Just like you, your dog or cat has skin underneath their fur that can get very dirty if not cleaned properly or regularly. Take a look at your pet’s skin – Does it look dirty? Using a good shampoo and conditioner, lightly massaging it into your pet’s skin and rinsing well is the best process to get your furry friend clean. If bath time at your house is a little tricky, you can always visit us at Exmoor if you need an extra hand!

A Tip from Max

A Friend of Exmoor Pet Care Services, MA, LAMFT, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Interacting with a pet can give your child an attitude boost! The addition of a pet can enhance and benefit your child’s health. Therapists, teachers and parents noticed substantial improvements in behavior and mood as a result of any child working with dogs and cats in a therapeutic environment. The love, attention and responsibility of a pet can benefit and enhance your child’s well-being.